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Jeremy Manalis, Owner & Executive Director

My wife and I founded Family Ties Counseling Center nearly a decade ago, guided by the belief that our most important relationships are the key to unlocking our mental and emotional health. What makes our center unique is that our clinical team can work with an entire family system, not just an individual family member. We believe this helps create the most lasting change for our clients.  Our group holds an expanded and limitless view of what family can be; we empower each of our clients to define for themselves what and who family is for them. 

Our team has grown to nearly 20 amazing human beings who are highly skilled professionals and take our mission seriously not just with our clients but also within our group. I am proud of our strong reputation in the Portland area for improving the lives of the couples, families and individuals we serve. I trust that when someone reaches out to us for services, they will always be met with care and respect by both our admin team and our clinical team. 

My Leadership Commitment

I strongly believe that businesses and their leaders have an ethical duty to make society a better place for its members. I commit to using my power as an owner and an Executive Director to improve our community in the following ways:

  • I commit to making our group as welcoming and safe as possible for BIPOC and LGBQT+ communities. 
  • I support a trauma-informed approach by honoring the experience of others and empowering through choice.
  • I choose to use our group practice as a tool to undo systemic racism, especially in the mental health field.
  • I reduce the stigma of seeking mental health services by having staff who are welcoming and responsive to all people who reach out to us for help.

My Work with Leaders & Family-Owned Businesses

In addition to my directorship role at Family Ties Counseling Center, I also founded a consultancy firm that serves leaders of organizations and family-owned businesses called Map & Compass. I come from entrepreneurial roots as both sides of my family have multi-generational businesses. Each one has a unique story and legacy that embody the complexity and beauty that is family business. 

Education & Training

My undergraduate degree is in Philosophy and Religion from UC Santa Barbara.  I hold a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College and practiced therapy for 15 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor working with individuals, couples, and groups. I have training in body-centered and mindfulness-based approaches to therapy.  Most recently, I have completed a year long training in working with family-owned businesses. With past experiences as a bodyworker, craniosacral therapist, yoga instructor, and Outward Bound instructor, I bring a unique skill-set to my current roles.

Who I am when I’m not at Work

These days when I’m not working, you can usually find me hanging out with my wife and two daughters, being silly, watching movies, playing games, and going for adventures. I love cooking all kinds of food, exploring the wilderness, and taking a hot sauna followed by a wickedly long cold plunge!