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Our Mission

The services we offer are specifically targeted to:

  • Parents & caregivers who struggle to stay connected with their kids with compassion and strength.
  • Couples who are challenged by communication difficulties, lack of trust & safety, recurrent fighting and/or entrenched emotional distance.
  • Individuals who suffer from anxiety and/or depression because of relationship problems

Our mission is to:

  • guide couples & families to claim their own unique values and to do their best to live by them
  • empower individuals to build healthy, strong, and nurturing relationships in their life
  • support couples & families to learn and grow through the difficult transitions they face
  • cultivate leadership skills in parents & couples so that they can guide their family or relationship to a place of wholeness and richness
  • teach couples & families resilience through relying upon each other
  •  insure that children have a secure and nurturing family environment
  • educate parents about child development so they can parent with understanding and compassion
  • assist parents in becoming the kind of mom and dad they aspire to be through helping them to identify and release the blocks

Our services are unique and effective in 3 ways:

  • We bring together systems-theory with therapeutic approaches that support present-time engagement, like emotionally-focused therapy and mindfulness-based modalities.
  • We work with your entire family system, when necessary
  • We make getting the counseling support you need easy and simple through fast access to our team of associate therapists