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Couples Workshops

The Power of Healing in Intimate Relationships

Learn to Communicate and Relate in Lovingness in this Weekend Workshop

Is This For You?

You love your partner and you’re committed. You know how to find healing in other parts of your life, but when things get difficult with your partner you sometimes get lost and don’t recognize yourself or the person you fell in love with.

You’d like to leave your weapons outside and enter the temple of your relationship. Instead you find yourself in the courtroom each trying to prove your case. You stalemate and nothing moves. You dig in your heels. You tighten. You want to be right. You either get angry and say hurtful you don’t mean or you disappear and shut down.

However difficult it gets, some part of you knows you want something else. There’s a love you want to get back to, but you repeatedly find yourself in the courtroom. You sometimes feel exhausted and hopeless and just need some relief.

How it works

There’s nothing like intimate relationship to bring up every unresolved issue you’ve got. While this can make being in relationship exceptionally challenging, it also offers a unique opportunity for healing. This doesn’t mean being each other’s therapist, coach, or self-improvement director. It’s about creating a safe and conscious space with each other where old stuff can be named for what it is and you both can respond in a loving way.

You have likely already been working hard to create such a space. Maybe you’ve agreed to avoid certain topics and adopt a positive attitude hoping things will change. Maybe you’ve planned weekend get-aways to bring you together. Or perhaps you have sought out counseling or self-help books.

What’s been missing is a way to fully integrate what you learn. When integration happens you can access your skills and knowledge in the most difficult moments. Fully integrating means engaging mindful awareness of your body, heart and mind as you’re learning and practicing skills. This mindful awareness not only helps integrate your understanding in a lasting way, but also makes it easy to be the real you with your partner.

What we’ll do

In this workshop you will engage with your partner in a variety of experiential exercises. You will be guided in mindfulness to acquire a subtle and potent understanding of how your body and beliefs influence your ability to give and receive love. You’ll learn to express and sustain your love through practicing skills in Nonviolent Communication, including listening with empathy, understanding your needs and making requests, and expressing appreciation. For many of these exercises you will have the opportunity to work through specific issues for which you and your partner would like resolution.

What you’ll get

You’ll get skills to name and interrupt reactivity before it takes over. This means catching things like blame, criticism, and anger and looking at what you care most about. You’ll learn how to name what you need – being heard, respect, love, intimacy, harmony, honesty – and make clear requests about how to meet those needs. You’ll understand how to listen to your partner in a way that she or he really feels heard. You’ll awaken to an ability to give and receive love with a new depth and fullness.


—Jeremy and LaShelle come together in a shared vision of the power of healing in intimate relationship—

Jeremy Manalis, MA, LMT has been a part of the counseling and healing arts community in Portland for over a decade. Jeremy has a master’s degree in counseling psychology as well as specialized training in Craniosacral Therapy and Hakomi, a body-centered approach to psychotherapy. In addition to having a private counseling and body therapy practice, he has facilitated and taught countless groups in healing and personal growth. His accumulated skills, training, and experience have given him the capacity to help others live from their authentic self.

LaShelle Lowe-Charde, MA has worked as a professional psychologist and trainer for the last fifteen years. She holds a master’s degree in psychology and has been certified as a trainer in *Nonviolent Communication (NVC) founded by Marshall Rosenberg. She is a committed Zen practitioner and this shows in the clarity and depth of her work. LaShelle delights in helping others learn to relate from a place of connection, compassion, and integrity. You can access free resources and read more about her offerings at


Registration: register on LaShelle’s website by clicking here or give her a call at 503-544-7583

Cost: $395 per couple

Where: HealthQuest: Center for Natural Healing, 1330 Southeast 39th Avenue  Portland, OR 97214

When: January 24th thru January 26th, Friday 7pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-1pm