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LGBTQ Families

Family Ties Counseling Center welcomes and affirms LGBTQ families.

Families that have one or more members who identify as sexual minorities seek support from us for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes LGBTQ families seek support specifically around the experience of identifying as a sexual minority.   When a child or teen is coming out as gay, lesbian, transgender or queer/questioning, it can be very helpful for the family to attend family therapy to ensure all members are communicating effectively about this family transition and identity shift.

Sometimes, even in Portland, parents experience great injustice and oppression for their sexual identity.  Parents are often concerned how this experience may or may not impact their child/children.

It can be very helpful for parents to spend some time examining their family legacies around sexual identity and their experiences of trauma as children or teens.

Also, LGBTQ families come to Family Ties Counseling Center seeking support for challenges that are not directly related to their sexual orientation/identity.


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