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Darren Powell, LPC

Approach to Therapy

I believe in a holistic approach to human development and its role in healthy states of being. I see balance as a key component to thriving in all areas of our lives: as individuals, couples and families. Attending to mental, physical, spiritual, financial and relational health is key to reaching a peaceful and fulfilled state of existence; each component plays a part in strengthening the other.  Therapy can have a pivotal role in creating this balance in two important ways. First, it helps to bring the unconscious to surface. Second, therapy aids us in developing tools to overcome limitations and habits that negatively affect our daily functioning.

Who I am as a therapist 

As a therapist I like to meet people where our energy connects, that being the place where we are most able to create a relational atmosphere for healing, change and growth. I treat each situation as a new experience, in which the client(s) and I create the flow and plan for the work we will be doing. I like a relaxed atmosphere that at times might present as light and playful, intense and serious, and some days even be painful — these are all parts of the process of change and growth.

Who I am when I’m not a therapist

Outside of my life commitment to helping facilitate change through professional counseling, I enjoy many varied activities including:  traveling, hiking, cycling, running, reading, weight lifting.  I am a sports enthusiast and a music lover with an eclectic taste. 

I lived in Europe for 10 years, Asia for 3 years, have visited 36 different countries and all 50 states.  At this point in my journey, I love Oregon the most and I’m excited to call Portland home.  I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Specialties & Areas of Focus

  • Mood disorders (Depression/Anxiety)
  • Couples Therapy
  • Teens
  • Trauma
  • Family Therapy
  • Personal Growth
  • Relational Issues

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