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Johanna Manalis, LMFT

My work experience & education

I have eight years of clinical experience working with children, teens, couples and individuals. I attended Macalester College and majored in Psychology and Studio Art. From there I studied Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy at Lewis and Clark College. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist here in Oregon. I have additional training in a mindfulness-based experiential approach to therapy called Hakomi. You can learn more about the approach here: http://www.hakomiinstitute.com/.

Who I am as a therapist

It is an honor to do this work. Each day I lean further in to my fascination with the human experience; both the blessings and the curses. I believe fiercely in the power of therapy. I have witnessed again and again the power of intention, connection and healing. It is a spiritual calling for me to be a companion and guide in the shadowy, fearful, and joyful corners of my clients’ intimate lives. I help my clients tease apart meaning, trauma, and resources so they can embody more empowerment and peace. In a therapy session with me, you will find safety, deep caring, and engaging mindful conversation. You will be met with curiosity and gentle but firm encouragement. I delight in working with individuals, families and couples and work best with clients who can invite courage (even a little) alongside their fear and who would like to use their crises to spur new growth in themselves and their relationships.

Who I am when I am not being a therapist

I grew up in the Midwest and made my way to the Pacific Northwest for graduate school. It was here that I met my husband, who is also a therapist. We have two children, who remind me daily about humility, grace and my capacity for deep love. You might find me in the garden, delighting in the tomatoes or rhubarb. The kitchen is also nourishing for me as I enjoy baking and cooking. I sit in quiet meditation more days than not and spirituality brings meaning and purpose to my life. Running keeps me grounded and present in my body. My neighborhood library and the nearest state park are frequent destinations.

Specialties & Areas of Focus 

  •  Family Therapy
  • Therapy about one’s relationship with money and finances
  • Mindfulness-focused & body-based therapy
  • Supporting moms and dads in healing childhood wounds that surface in their parenting journeys.
  • Couples Therapy

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