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Renee Limon

As a data specialist, I do some of the magical administrative work behind the scenes to make sure all the details you’ve so kindly provided to us are properly set up in our systems, so that we can effectively bill your insurance plan and help you understand and meet your patient responsibility for the services Family Ties provides. I believe individual, couples, and family therapy has the power to transform and positively impact our lives. While I don’t often work directly with clients, when I do I aim to meet you right where you are and treat you with warmth and respect.

I’ve lived in Portland for 21 years now, having moved here from California with my husband as newlyweds. We fell in love with the bike lanes and book stores and knew it was the right place to start our family and put down roots. I’m a proud parent of two teenage daughters, one of whom identifies as queer. When I’m not reading books, dancing with my Zumba crew, or snuggling with my dog Enzo, you might find me cooking Filipino dishes with my family, seeing if we can get it to taste just like Grandma Virginia’s recipes!