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Natalie Nishi, BS

Who I am as a Therapist

As a therapist, I believe that we all carry stories about who we are as individuals, where we come from, and how we connect with others. These stories influence us and how we respond to our problems and find solutions. As your therapist, I hope to increase your understanding of these patterns and these stories. I believe that once these become more apparent, then a path forward becomes clearer. 

I take a light-hearted and curious approach to therapy but also aim to provide a safe space where we can dive deeper into your understanding of yourself and your relationships. During this process, I hold the utmost respect for your unique experiences, values, and expertise. 

Currently, I am a student at Lewis and Clark College receiving my master’s in Couple and Family Therapy. My education and interest are centered around exploring relationships as I work with individuals, couples, and families. This includes expanding beyond just immediate familial relationships and looking at relationships with animals, the environment, a higher power, or anything or anyone that may be influential.

Ultimately, my therapeutic approach is collaborative and I want to work with you to provide an experience that is most conducive to your wants, needs, and healing. If you feel like this may be a good fit for you, your child, or your family please feel free to contact me. I look forward to helping you along your journey.

Who I am When I’m not Being a Therapist

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me outside with my adopted Black Lab Raven. Together we love to explore all the Portland parks, swim in the river, and go on waterfall hikes. I also enjoy cooking, watching HGTV home renovation shows, and sneaking in play dates with my niece and nephew.

Areas of Focus

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Couples Therapy
  • Children and Family Therapy