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Couples Counseling in Portland, Oregon

Couples Therapy

If you are having any of the following relationship problems or communication difficulties, couples counseling can help you


  • little things become big things
  • hard or impossible to talk about certain topics because it leads to a fight
  • one withdraws while the other feels abandoned
  • both withdraw leaving a feeling of a Cold War, where there is a seeming insurmountable distance
  • uncertain whether to trust your partner, which shows up in small ways
  • feel challenged to communicate the most basic experience you’re having
  • sexual disconnection

If you identify with any of these scenarios,

be sure to take some action soon to improve your situation.

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Marriage Counseling

Marriage or Couples Counseling becomes a safe place where both you and your partner can find and rest in the deeper connection of the love you both share.

Healthy committed relationships and marriages are about balancing connection & intimacy with independence & autonomy. Ideally, each influences and helps the other. Couples therapy helps to achieve this balance in your relationship, so that your communication can happen effectively and with ease.

Using mindful awareness, couples counseling seeks to slow down your interactions so you can begin to identify how each of you becomes triggered and set off in your relationship.

You can then gain clarity about certain past wounds and injuries that can often show up in your current relationship, thereby obstructing the intimacy and connection that is wanting to happen.



Couples Counseling is for you

if you would like to:


  • Learn to communicate in a more constructive and connecting way
  • Be light and enjoy each other’s presences
  • Discover how to relax into intimacy with each other
  • Reestablish & rekindle your connection with each other
  • Gain clarity and understanding before making a larger commitment to each other through marriage or other life-commitments
  • Seek support for very intense and challenging life circumstances and/or transitions (such as death, divorce, retirement, or infidelity)


Our unique approach to couples therapy

Our skilled therapists have been trained in family-systems as well as in mindfulness-based approaches.  A family-systems approach seeks to avoid blaming or diagnosing any one person because problems are seen as the result of the relationship dynamics within the system. Mindfulness is the ability to notice one’s experience without judgment and with curiosity.

Used together, mindfulness and family-systems act much like the zoom-in and zoom-out functions of Google Maps; you can’t have one without the other because they both are necessary tools to help you know where you are and where you want to go.

We also have chosen our experienced therapists with great care.  The therapists at Family Ties Counseling Center know a lot about how to be in relationship.  Just as important as their education and training is their capacity to be authentic, compassionate and insightful.

If our approach sounds appealing to you,

we would love to hear from you.

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