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Is Individual Counseling Right For You?


Read through the following scenarios and see if any stand out as familiar to you.

  • You are frustrated and disappointed that your spouse won’t go to couples therapy.
  • You have past trauma that is negatively affecting your ability to be the kind of person you want to be.
  • You have struggled with depression on and off throughout your life.
  • You have a vision for the kind of intimate relationship you want, yet you struggle to make it happen.
  • You hold in your feelings only to have them explode on the people you care about most.
  • You get overwhelmed everyday by your anxiety.
  • You really want to feel close to other people, but don’t know how to make that happen.
  • You find yourself regularly reflecting on past life experiences that were challenging.
  • You are the person in your family who feels distant from everyone else.

If any of these situations are familiar to you, we can help you.


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Who are helped by our services?

Here are examples of some of our clients and their life situations:

•    People who struggle to feel safe in their relationships.

•    Recovering sex/love addicts who are ready to build a healthy relationship.

•    Single adults who are looking to create a stable, loving relationship.

•    Spouses/Partners in intimate relationships who struggle to set clear boundaries and be clear about what they need from their partner.

•    Professionals who have always put their career first and relationships second, and are ready to change that pattern.

•    Sexual minorities: People who are looking for support in exploring their sexual and/or gender identity.

•    Abuse survivors: People who have experienced physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse in past relationships (including childhood).

•    People with anger issues who would like to learn how to express their anger with clarity, respect, and above all, safety.

•    Those who have struggled with addiction who are stable in their sobriety and are ready to work through the relationship issues that caused them to use in the first place.

•    Men who feel challenged to be emotionally vulnerable in their intimate relationships with their partners.

•    People who have experienced a traumatic event such as abuse, auto accident, surgery, a life-threatening disease, or witnessing the death or intense suffering of another.

•    Ambivalent partner in a relationship who feels unclear whether to commit fully.

If you identify with any of these individuals, we can help you.

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