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Find Your Match: Group for Singles

Is this group for you?

Are you single? And are you certain that you want to create a life-long intimate partnership? Are you also sometimes disheartened and/or overwhelmed by difficult past relationships?

You know yourself well. Perhaps you have done some individual therapy or personal growth work. You may possess a lot of self-awareness of your own wounds and how they can show up in your intimate relationships.

therapy-group-for-singles-portland-oregon-family-ties-counseling-centerPerhaps, you have gone through a divorce. Or you have had one or more long-term relationships end, only to leave you feeling despondent when it comes to love.  You may have tried online dating, matchmaking, blind dates, speed dating, etc. In essence, you’ve tried it all.

With that in mind, it’s important to be aware of this fact: although you may think you know what to look for in a partner, you may be missing key pieces to compatibility and long-term relational success.

This group will:

  • Empower you to choose your potential life-partner with wisdom and discernment.
  • Educate you about what makes a successful life-partnership or marriage.
  • Give you time to self-reflect upon your own intimate relationship experience.
  • Invite you to share meaningfully and honestly with other members about your own experience.
  • Prepare you to make the life-changing decision about who you decide to marry or partner with.
  • Provide you with real world assignments in between group sessions.
  • Challenge you to examine your past intimate relationships.

same-sex-couples-counseling-portland-oregonWho is welcome?

– All single people

– All sexual orientations

– All genders

– All ages




Lubna Ali LMFT Family Ties Counseling CenterFacilitated by: Lubna Ali LMFT

I am a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist who has worked extensively with couples at different stages in their relationships. I also was a Teaching Assistant for Marriage 101 during my graduate school years at Northwestern University in Chicago. I have also been through my own relationships and have learned personally what works and what does not. I am currently happily married.

When: Wednesday Evenings 7pm-8:30pm

How Long: 10 weeks

How many people: 6-8 openings

Cost: $50 per group

Starting: March 15th, 2017

Where: Family Ties Counseling Center – 0333 SW Flower St. PDX, OR 97239

If this group appeals to you, contact us to set up a time to meet with Lubna to learn more:

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The group is a combination of education & information, support, and process. Each group session will explore the following area:

  1. Love is not enough
  2. Personal maturity and self-understanding
  3. Capacity to access compatibility with prospective partners
  4. Intimacy and personal barriers to achieving it
  5. Sexual satisfaction and compatibility
  6. Conflict resolution and communication skills
  7. Specific challenges that can undermine or overwhelm marriages.


Love is not enough. The group disputes the common myth that romantic attraction, good intentions, and happiness in courtship form a sufficient foundation for marriage.

Personal maturity and self-understanding. “Know thyself” is the foremost key to marital success, and various studies show a positive correlation between emotional health and marital satisfaction.

Capacity to access compatibility with prospective partners. The group stresses the importance of compatible partner selection and explores how lovers are frequently misled by sexual pleasure, excessive idealization, and hopes to solve unconscious problems.

15aabbde81aa3e323fba49c37ffa7c2b-2Intimacy and personal barriers to achieving it. Because happiness in marriage often hinges on the quantity and quality of intimate contact, the group examines intimacy and its specific challenges.

Sexual satisfaction and compatibility. The group emphasizes the special importance of sexual satisfaction and compatibility in marriage, and discusses common sexual problems.

Conflict resolution and communication skills. The capacity to manage conflict well is currently the most robust predictor of marital happiness and stability.

Specific challenges that can undermine or overwhelm marriages. Many life problems impinge on marriages and can overtax otherwise adequate capacities to handle marital conflict. The group discusses some expected marital challenges (managing children, in-laws, time, finances) and more serious problems (alcoholism, physical abuse, extramarital affairs).