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Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

Individual counseling is about exploring what holds you back in your past, and helping you to live more in the present, so that you can move forward towards a more fulfilling life. Counseling helps you pull out of your depression and anxiety so you can reach yours goals, dreams, and visions you have for your life. Through the process of psychotherapy, you discover what your own truths are, and you learn to live them.

An important part of counseling is forming a therapeutic relationship with your therapist. This helps create a safe and supportive environment where you can come and be honest with yourself. Our seasoned therapists practice the highest levels of ethical standards. Also, all counseling sessions are confidential.

Counseling can help with depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties.

Individual counseling and psychotherapy is for anyone who would like their life to be positively different than how it currently is. This change could be within your intimate relationship, professional relationships, family/friend relationships, or within you.

Counseling is for people who are curious and willing to examine themselves in a self-reflective way. It is for people who are seeking support in making their desired life a reality. While psychotherapy can certainly be helpful for people who are struggling emotionally in their lives, it can also be equally beneficial for well-adjusted people who need professional assistance in achieving their life goals.

Individual counseling & psychotherapy are for people who seek:


What to expect with individual counseling & psychotherapy

We invite you to Family Ties Counseling Center, located in Portland, Oregon. In the first session, you can share with your counselor why you are there and decide whether working together is an appropriate fit for you. Once you decide to work together, you will typically meet for a 50-minute session once or twice a week, depending on your goals.

Your counselor will listen to whatever you bring up in each session, reflecting and re-framing it back to you in new and refreshing ways. Counseling often involves examining parts of yourself that previously served you in your life but no longer do.

The therapeutic relationship that you form with your counselor is a unique relationship that exists solely for you and your self-exploration. They can help you pinpoint the parts of your past that are holding you back, while also helping you to broaden you awareness around how you live in the present. Through counseling you can move forward to live the fullest life you can imagine.

Two alternative approaches to counseling:

Group Therapy for Men

Mindfulness Counseling


Is Individual Counseling Right for You? How Individual Counseling Works