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Child & Family Therapy Can Help Your Family

Family: Girl Upset that Parents are Fighting



Family Therapy can help:

  • Parents who feel distant from or in conflict with their child/teen more often than not.
  • Blended families who would like more peace in their homes.
  • Parents amidst separation/divorce who witness grief, anger, or withdrawing from their children.
  • Families who have adopted children and struggle with complex feelings of betrayal, frustration, sadness and grief.
  • Families raising children or teens with sensory integration challenges, autism, physical disabilities or developmental delays.
  • Families with children or teens struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, encopresis, tantrums and other challenges.
  • Families/couples where one or more member has experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.
  • Adolescents who struggle with depression and/or anxiety.

If you identify with any of these scenarios,

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Child & family therapy can give your family:

fun, loving family

  • increased sense of inter-connectedness and harmony between your family members
  • support through a difficult transition you’re facing
  • the ability to talk about uncomfortable things
  • freedom from blaming one person in your family
  • greater sense of emotional safety for all members of your family
  • education & empowerment to you, the parents
  • learning how to rely upon each other emotionally for support & nourishment
  • greater access to joy, lightness, and more play
  • appreciation for the uniqueness of your family
  • celebrating strengths & resources

Our unique family therapy approach

Counseling that’s just only for your child can certainly be a positive and healing experience for them.  However, when they leave the counselor’s office, they’re entering back into the environment in which the problem arose and exists in the first place.  For true change to happen, it’s helpful to have your child’s primary relationships involved in the therapeutic process.  This is a Family Therapy approach to helping children & parents.

Our skilled therapists have been trained in family-systems as well as in mindfulness-based approaches.  A family-systems approach seeks to avoid blaming or diagnosing any one person because problems are seen as the result of the relationship dynamics within the system or family. Mindfulness is the ability to notice one’s experience without judgment and with curiosity.

We also have chosen our experienced therapists with great care.  The therapists at Family Ties Counseling Center know a lot about how to be in relationship.  Just as important as their education and training is their capacity to be authentic, compassionate and insightful.

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