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Marriage & Family Counseling – Gresham, Oregon

Welcome to Family Ties Counseling Center where we strive to create a safe, supportive environment to help individuals, couples, and families thrive in their relationships, finding peace, harmony, and happiness through psychotherapy in Gresham. We seek to help parents struggling to connect with their children; couples lacking trust, communication, closeness, or experiencing recurrent arguments; and individuals suffering from anxiety or depression as a result of relationship problems. We support couples and families while they learn to grow through adversity and we empower individuals to nurture strong and healthy relationships in their lives.

Can Our Services Help You?

Individual Counseling in Gresham, Oregon:

If you feel that depression or anxiety is keeping you from achieving your goals, then individual counseling might be right for you. Developing a therapeutic relationship with your psychotherapist will create a safe and supportive environment for you to discover your values and truths by being honest with yourself. The goal of individual therapy is to change your life and relationships in a positive manner. Individual counseling will help you discover what has been holding you back, while learning how to live in the present and beginning to move toward fuller life. Individual counseling is right for anyone with who is curious and open to self-examination. Equally rewarding for both well-adjusted individuals and those who struggle emotionally in their daily lives, anyone can benefit from the guidance found in individual counseling.

Couples Counseling in Gresham, Oregon:

If you feel your relationship could be strengthened by improving communication, learning to relax with each other in intimacy, gaining clarity and understanding of each other, and by expanding your support network, then couples counseling might be a good option for you. We offer both couples counseling and marriage counseling in Gresham, Oregon for couples who have made life commitments and those who have not.

During couples counseling sessions, we seek to create clarity in your interactions by using mindfulness and slowing down conversations to identify each of your individual trigger points. By revealing these truths, we can gain understanding of past injuries, which can affect your relationship in the present, hindering the intimacy and deep connection for which you both long. In couples counseling, we strive to break the negative emotional cycle of anger, blame, and criticism which often arises in relationship regarding difficult issues.

Couples counseling presents the unique opportunity for you and your partner to find and make a deeper connection in a safe, neutral environment. Healthy marriages and committed relationships dwell in a place balanced between intimacy/connection and independence/autonomy. Through communication and understanding, couples therapy can help you find this place of harmony in your relationship where you and your partner can bask in the warmth of a deep connection while maintaining your own identities.

Child & Family Counseling in Gresham, Oregon:

Child and family therapy typically involves all family members and anyone else closely involved in the situation who might be helpful (extended family, social workers, or teachers). During child and family therapy everyone meets with a common goal in mind. Through family therapy, we help families overcome, learn, and grow from adversity. By learning to rely on each other for love and support, families can grow stronger as a unit.

A family works and operates like a living organism; if one part of the body is hurt, the whole body suffers. Family members often struggle with addiction problems, individuals with disabilities or special needs, or a member with emotional, behavioral, or mental health disorders. These individual concerns affect entire families. In these situations, families meet for counseling in order to achieve the common goal of finding harmony within the family unit. Discussing these issues in a safe, supportive environment allows everyone’s voice to be heard and understood. Through this clarity, families gain strength and find common goals.

Family counseling is especially useful during periods of significant transition like divorce or separation. Family events affect every member of the family; it is especially important for each person to be present during counseling to bring their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, and needs forward. With the whole family together, everyone can come to understand each others feelings and come to an agreement on how best to move forward, achieving balance and harmony within the household. While no family or parent is perfect, both parents and children can learn self-acceptance while striving to achieve better lives.


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