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Destiny Vega, BS

Who I am as a Therapist

I believe that every person has the right to the process of healing. As we grow, from childhood to adulthood and on, many challenging things may happen in our lives that we may not fully understand. My aim as your therapist is to help you dissect those memories and make meaning of those moments while coming up with coping strategies that work with you. These difficulties can be tough to manage within ourselves and our family systems. My goal is to help you navigate those systems. I don’t think that therapy has to be serious all the time; I believe that therapy is something where you should laugh, cry, yell, and feel all of the feelings! With my background as a Latina living with an invisible disability, I recognize the oppressive structures that don’t support BIPOC/Disability populations, and my goal is to empower clients and allow space for those in underprivileged positions.  

My passion is to work with BIPOC women and families surrounding issues involving disabilities, trauma, relationship struggles, blended families, and military. It is important for us to discuss values that you may hold closely so we can work toward aligning those values with your therapeutic goals. I want to support your healing process and help you tap into your inner self. I will challenge you and encourage you to dig deep during our time together. 

Background/Therapeutic Approach

I am currently a Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy Student at Lewis and Clark College (on the addictions track as well). I got my Bachelors from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Disability and Human Development with a Psychology minor. My therapeutic approach is influenced by Narrative therapy. My view is from a systemic lens, where I believe that there are many systems in place that make a person who they are. My approach is to provide a non-judgmental space for the clients to feel safe.

Who I am When I’m not Being a Therapist

When I’m not being a therapist, I enjoy surrounding myself with family and friends. I take pleasure in exploring good food, listening to podcasts, traveling, live music, and my weekly shows. About a year ago, I moved to Portland from Chicago. While I am a city girl at heart, my time in Portland has created a deep appreciation for nature and spirituality. I enjoy moving energy in my body by the means of weightlifting, hiking, dancing, skating, stretching, and exploring local scenery. My sweet pup Theo loves to join me on my excursions especially to sbux to get a pupachinno!

Areas of Focus

  • Disabilities
  • Struggles with cultural identity
  • Anxiety
  • Blended Families
  • Biracial Couples
  • Divorce/Step Parents
  • Addictions
  • Military
  • Spirituality