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Parenting Skills

Getting support about your parenting is a worthwhile investment

Parenting is a wild ride – full of ups and downs.  For most people, parenting is the most complicated and joyous thing they will ever do.  Parenting can bring your own sensitivities and vulnerabilities to the surface.  No matter the age of your child/teen, it can be challenging to be intentional and conscientious about your parenting approach.  Because parenting is so exhausting, it can be hard to even begin to problem solve about the challenges that arise.

When relationships within a family are strained, parents are powerful leaders to bring their family to a place of harmony.  Parents will be the leader in this process because adult brains is more developed, more adept and stronger.  You have greater skills (even if sometimes you don’t feel like it).

Most people struggle with their daily parenting journey because it is difficult to balance all the aspects of a parenting:  connection, discipline, parenting team, finances, enrichment, etc.  When your family or child is challenged by additional stress or when your family is moving through a transition, it is especially important that you have support so that you can lead your family with grace and strength.

Though we often expect that parents intuitively know about how to best serve their children, the path is not always clear in parenting.  We don’t expect that people have the knowledge to litigate their own lawsuit.  That’s why we hire lawyers.  We don’t do our own dry-cleaning – we hire cleaners.

We seek out child & family therapists so that we can have the strongest relationship with our family members.  We hire child & family therapists to help us develop our own style of parenting and learn skills that help support that style.  It might be particularly helpful for you to see a child & family therapist if there are things about your own journey as a child that you would like to leave behind now that you are a parent.

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