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Is Child & Family Therapy Right for You?


Family: Girl Upset that Parents are Fighting

Family Therapy can help:

  • Parents who feel distant from or in conflict with their child/teen more often than not.
  • Blended families who would like more peace in their homes.
  • Parents amidst separation/divorce¬†who witness grief, anger, or withdrawing from their children.
  • Families who have adopted children and struggle with complex feelings of betrayal, frustration, sadness and grief.
  • Families raising children or teens with¬†sensory integration challenges, autism, physical disabilities or developmental delays.
  • Families with children or teens struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, tantrums and other challenges.
  • Families/couples where one or more member has experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.
  • Adolescents who struggle with depression and/or anxiety.

If any of these situations are familiar to you, we can help you.

fun, loving family

Child & family therapy can give your family:

  • increased sense of inter-connectedness and harmony between your family members
  • support through a difficult transition you’re facing
  • the ability to talk about uncomfortable things
  • freedom from blaming one person in your family
  • greater sense of emotional safety for all members of your family
  • education & empowerment to you, the parents
  • learning how to rely upon each other emotionally for support & nourishment
  • greater access to joy, lightness, and more play
  • appreciation for the uniqueness of your family
  • celebrating strengths & resources

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