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If you are experiencing anxiety in any of the following ways, individual counseling can help:

  • Panic takes you over
  • Chest pain and shortness of breath
  • An inner critical voice that is judgmental of you
  • Feeling overwhelmed by life
  • Struggling to feel natural & comfortable relating to others
  • Close relationships are strained & distant
  • Perfectionism sabotages your efforts in life to succeed
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Being consumed by worry about small & big things
  • Feeling paralyzed by negative thinking

If you identify with any of these scenarios,

be sure to take some action soon to improve your situation.

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Here are some benefits that can come from individual therapy treatment for anxiety:

  • Learning how to be mindful of your thoughts & your body without being overwhelmed
  • Distancing yourself from the critical voice inside of you
  • Finding self-compassion and understanding
  • Feeling more supported and less alone
  • Feeling confident to move forward in your life
  • Enjoying a quieter and more peaceful mind
  • Creating healthier and stronger relationships

Our Unique Approach to Anxiety Treatment

At Family Ties Counseling Center, we believe that your mental and emotional health is directly linked to how fulfilling your relationships are.  Therefore, we have a relational approach to helping your anxiety.  However, your anxiety can’t be treated unless you learn how to be mindful.  Mindfulness will help you become an expert on how your anxiety happens in your mind and in your body. As you become that expert over your anxiety using mindfulness, the therapy will then turn towards how to build health and strong relationships in your life.

Our skilled therapists have been trained in systems-theory as well as in mindfulness-based approaches.  A system-theory approach seeks to avoid blaming or diagnosing any one person because problems are seen as the result of the relationship dynamics within the system or family. Mindfulness is the ability to notice one’s experience without judgment and with curiosity.

We also have chosen our experienced therapists with great care.  The therapists at Family Ties Counseling Center know a lot about how to be in relationship.  Just as important as their education and training is their capacity to be authentic, compassionate and insightful.


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