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Marriage & Family Counseling – just right across the river from Vancouver, Washington

If you’re looking for child & family counselor, you’ve arrived at the right place. Whether you need marriage counseling services or family/child counseling nearby Vancouver, Washing – Family Ties Counseling Center is here to assist you. Based in Portland, Family Ties Counseling Center offers couples & relationship counseling, individual psychotherapy and child/family therapy.

Family Ties Counseling Center is dedicated to helping couples and families to move beyond their challenges and thrive together. Our values are centered around creating loving, lasting relationships with the most pivotal, important people in life — your spouse/partner and your children. We believe with all our hearts that if couples and families can rely on each other emotionally in a deep, authentic way, then they can handle just about anything that life brings their way.

Are you part of a couple that is challenged with communication difficulties, a lack of trust, a compromised sense of safety, recurring fights and/or a feeling of emotional distance?

You’re not alone. Just about every couple faces one or more of these issues at some point. We are a husband and wife counseling team who are committed to helping you find the key to unlocking your deepest capacity for intimacy and the ability to thrive in life both individually and as a couple. We have faced some of the same issues, so we know firsthand both the challenges and joys that being a part of a committed couple can bring. We have a variety of tools and approaches that we use to assist you in overcoming obstacles so you can learn to thrive as a couple.

Are you a parent who struggles to stay connected with your kids with both strength and compassion?

Most parents have been there. We are well-versed in the complex dynamics that can be at play within a family unit; while you might have an easy, effortless relationship with one child, their sibling might test your patience at every turn. We can help to facilitate more understanding and rapport among all family members so that you can all enjoy more harmony, joy and love within the home.

Do you suffer from anxiety and/or depression due to ongoing relationship turbulence and issues?

You don’t have to go it alone. We offer one-on-one psychotherapy you can count on to get to the root of an issue and open the door to more harmonious and satisfying relationships. From your most intimate connections to relating better with peers and co-workers, happy, healthy relationships are a cornerstone of a truly fulfilling life. We’re here to assist you in navigating obstacles, healing past traumas, gaining insight and understanding about the past, cultivating trust and opening your heart to more fulfilling, loving relationships going forward.

At Family Ties Counseling Center, our services are based upon a foundation of core values that include Inclusivity, Truth, Prioritizing Closeness and Connection, An Openness and Willingness to Change, “Good Enough” Parenting, A Willingness to Receive Help and Making Love and Respect a Priority. We welcome you to come to our office, share what’s going on and decide if working together will be a fit.

What to Expect with Counseling

Sessions are generally held once or twice per week depending upon your specific goals and concerns. Counseling involves examining behaviors that may have previously served you in the past, but are no longer working anymore. You’ll be guided to identify and explore those parts of your past that are holding you back so that you can pave the way for thriving in the present. Instead of direct advice, you’ll be guided to discover your own truths — self-discovery is the best way to truly align with and integrate new insights into your life. You’ll feel truly heard in each session, and what you say will be re-framed and reflected back to you in new, insightful ways.

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Whether you’re seeking child & family counseling or marriage counseling, you’re in good hands with Family Ties Counseling. We’ve helped many couples and families over the years.  Located just across the river in Portland, we serve all of Vancouver, Washington.  Your relationship and your family both deserve to get quality therapeutic help.  Let us help you make your relationships strong and healthy.