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One of the most important elements in living a happy and healthy life is ensuring that the foundations you have within yourself and your family are as strong as possible. We must first make sure that we are happy with who we are, and that our relationships with our loved ones are a positive element in our lives. When life gets difficult, it can be beneficial to consider professional counseling.

Types of counseling in Portland

Individual Counseling in Portland 

As the stresses and responsibilities of life create an increasing burden on our emotional well-being, many individuals fall into a pattern of anxiety and depression, which can spiral out of control. When we fall into a state of mind like this, it can be even harder to reach out to our loved ones, exacerbating the problem and furthering the emotional distance between each other.

Couples Counseling Portland

Other times, your relationship with your spouse or significant other can degenerate to the point where it causes hardship instead of being a source of strength and inspiration. All too often, couples will find themselves fighting frequently and becoming emotionally distant. This is typically caused by a lack of communication by one or both parties, and the unfortunate irony is that conflicts such as these can often lead to a further decrease in communication within the relationship.

Child & Family Counseling Portland Oregon

While having a lack of self-worth or a degenerating relationship with your significant other are both issues that should be addressed and taken seriously, they pale in importance to our relationship with our children. Adults suffering through anxiety or depression can seek help, and typically have some sort of a foundation to rely on. Relationships, while very important, can end if absolutely necessary. Our relationship with our children, however, is for life and must be taken seriously. Parents who are having difficulty communicating and relating to their children absolutely must make the relationship a priority. It is not enough to love your children; you must show them your love and establish a relationship with them based on mutual respect, trust, and love. Unlike a relationship with a spouse, the relationship with your children is one of the most significant determining factors in their long-term emotional and mental health and stability.

Who can benefit from professional counseling?

Marriage counseling Portland Oregon is the most common. However, almost anyone can benefit from professional counseling to some degree, there must be a willingness to listen and be open-minded. Family Ties Counseling Center holds several values at the forefront of the counseling philosophy, and individuals, couples, or families that can relate to some or all of these principles will derive the most benefit from counseling sessions.

Those who are willing and able to handle the truth of a situation, regardless of how difficult it might be, will see the benefits of counseling quickest. In addition, placing a high value on strong, meaningful relationship, and being willing to take measures to improve those relationships, will greatly expedite and increase the effectiveness of counseling.

For issues you have with yourself, counseling can provide an open and honest outlet for you to air out your biggest concerns and issues in an unbiased and non-judgmental environment. For couples, having someone to mediate and provide perspective and advice on issues can help bring the two of you together, and gradually make you self-sufficient for future problems that may arise. For problems with children, our years of experience and expertise make building and strengthening the relationship with your children a reality.

How can counseling help me?

Every counseling office varies in one way or another. Our philosophy is to combine traditional counseling strategies and specialized teams of associate therapists with mindfulness meditation techniques. Traditional counseling provides the framework for determining what the specific issues are and mapping out a path towards addressing them, while specialized therapy will provide the specific expertise best suited to dealing with your issues. Instruction and practice of mindfulness meditation compliments these strategies by grounding ourselves so that we are not driven solely by our thoughts and emotions. Through these techniques, we are able to help our patients find inner peach, strengthen their sense of self-worth, and bolster their relationships with their family and loved ones in a meaningful and lasting manner.