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Family Ties Counseling Center:  Your Source for Marriage & Family therapy near Lake Oswego, Oregon

If you’ve tried everything to re-open lost lines of communication with your significant other, relationship counseling can help.

Often, the love we think we’ve lost for our partner isn’t lost at all, it’s only buried beneath layers of worry, hurt and pride. Sometimes it takes mediation by a neutral third-party observer to peel back those layers and remind us of the mutual respect and admiration we still share.

If some days it seems like the only thing you have in common with your partner or your child is shared animosity, or if you find yourself saying hurtful things to cover up your own disappointment, it’s time you considered reaching out for help. Your relationship, your family are worth it. Don’t let pride keep you from doing everything you can to rekindle that mutual respect that all firm foundations build upon.

What We Offer:

At Family Ties Counseling Center, we’re here to help in a non-judgmental way. We offer several services close by Lake Oswego, Oregon, including marriage counseling, couples counseling and child and family counseling. If your relationship is floundering, we’re here to lend a shoulder and to shine a light through the darkness.

Marriage Counseling nearby Lake Oswego, Oregon

Our low-pressure approach to marriage counseling is conducted with the underlying belief that neither partner is to blame for the dropping off of the relationship. You’ll find no laying of blame here, no finger-pointing, no singling-out. In marriage counseling, we do more than talk. We re-learn the skills necessary to communicate. We learn about your triggers and what makes you or your partner “shut down”. We identify these things so that we can learn not to do them anymore. Once the lines of non-threatening communication open up, there’s no limit to what you can achieve in your marriage.

It’s time to consider marriage counseling if:

  • You or your spouse has trust issues. Maybe one or both of you cheated.
  • You feel more resentful toward your spouse than loving.
  • You feel like your spouse doesn’t hear what you have to say.
  • You argue about the same things over and over.
  • Sex isn’t what it used to be.

Once you feel like your ideas and opinions are validated, it’s easier to hear what the other person is actually saying.

Couples Counseling nearby Lake Oswego

If you haven’t yet made the marriage commitment, but think you want to, our couples counseling can help you enter into a long-term, healthy union.

In couples counseling you’ll learn how to talk to each other with mutual respect, pride and understanding. You’ll learn how to give and receive intimacy. Our long-term goal for our couples who engage in counseling is a sustainable partnership in which each person has his or her needs met and knows how to meet the needs of the other person. Meeting needs and having your needs met is the basis of all functional relationships. We teach you how to do it.

Child and Family Counseling near Lake Oswego, Oregon

Even the best relationships between a parent and child can run awry of circumstances. Divorce, remarriage, adoption, adolescence — all can rock your child’s world in ways that are difficult for a parent to grasp. If your relationship with your child or teen has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way, Family Ties Counseling knows how to get you back on track to becoming a healthy, loving family once again.

Many circumstances can impact a child’s world. Some are more apparent than others, but if your family has suffered any of the following life changes recently and your child shows signs of being unable to cope, counseling may help:

  • separation or divorce
  • remarriage or one parent begins dating again,
  • child reaches adolescence,
  • adoption
  • death in the family
  • serious illness
  • sexual abuse
  • disability diagnosis

In child and family counseling, we sit down together with you and members of your family to create a safe haven where troubles and concerns can be easily brought to light. Just like as communication is an important component in your relationship with your spouse or partner, so it is with your children.

Other Services

Located in close proximity to Lake Oswego, Family Ties Counseling Center also offers individual and psychotherapy . If you suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, childhood trauma or addiction, our services can help you find relief.


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