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  • Are you struggling to communicate effectively with your partner?

  • Do you want to increase the connection to your children?

  • Have your relationship problems become a source of stress or anxiety in your life?


If you have answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone. At some point in their relationships, many couples experience a breakdown in communication, and they often turn to marriage counseling to get past those issues. Couples counseling is not reserved for people with troubled marriages. Instead, these services can be a useful tool for anyone who wants to foster closeness, respect, and communication in their marriage and family.


Prioritize Closeness in Couples Counseling


When people come to us for therapy, they have many different goals and objectives. We have an inclusive practice that welcomes everyone — all families deserve to thrive. In our safe environment for psychotherapy nearby Hillsboro, couples can tear down falsehoods and find truth without distortion. Located close to Hillsboro, Oregon, our relationship counseling services fits best with couples who want to prioritize closeness and connection and who are open to change, even though the journey may seem rough.


Foster Communication through Relationship Counseling


Many couples have communication issues in spite of having the best intentions.

Do any of the following scenarios resonate with your?

  • When you are trying to communicate something important to your partner, one or both of you becomes easily triggered and your conversation spirals into a fight. Eventually, these communication breakdowns start to affect other parts of your life like your parenting and your job as well as casual conversations you have with your partner.
  • You find yourself having the same arguments over and over, and you would like to find a way past those patterns so that you can be open and trusting again.
  •  You feel like your partner always misunderstands you, and you are becoming reluctant to share with them.
  •  Your feelings of disconnection have spread to your sexual life, and you feel hopeless about ever having satisfying sex again.
  •  Your relationship is lacking trust after an affair. You’re wondering if this breach of trust could make your relationship stronger, but you need some help to rebuild trust first.
  •  You and your partner have decided to split up, but you want help navigating the transition peacefully.
  •  You feel like your partner can’t meet your emotional needs, and you feel constantly upset as they reject your need for affection. In other cases, you may feel irritated that your partner wants so much affection, but you want to learn how to enjoy their affection.

Family Ties Counseling Center can help you


Located near Hillsboro, Oregon, Family Ties Counseling Center offers marriage counseling.  If your relationship is locked in cycles of anger, blame, and criticism, it can be hard to work together for common goals and support. In marriage counseling, you learn and practice the skills that you need to reduce defensiveness, foster closeness, and improve communication.

Couples counseling sessions are an hour long, and they usually take place weekly, although some couples may need more support. After meeting with the therapist as a couple, you and your partner may have an individual session. Mindfulness is an essential part of marriage counseling and throughout your sessions with your partner, you may be asked to become aware of the underlying feelings of fear, pain, or sadness that are behind what you are saying. In sharing deeply with your partner, you get to practice the communication skills that will become an integral part of your stronger relationship.


Child & Family Counseling


Located near Hillsboro, Oregon, Family Ties Counseling Center also offers child & family counseling. In these group sessions, you can work with your whole family toward a common objective. These sessions are often useful for families that have a member with behavioral health issues, addiction, or mental or physical challenges, and they can also be useful for blended families or families going through a significant transition. In this setting, each family member can contribute their ideas and figure out how to meet challenges together.


We are here to help your relationships grow healthy & strong


Family Ties Counseling Center helps couples and families thrive. Our values center around creating lasting, loving relationships with the people in your life that are the most important, such as your children and your spouse/partner. We believe that if couples and families can learn to rely upon each other emotionally through psychotherapy nearby Hillsboro, then they can get through just about anything.

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