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Family Ties Counseling Center is located in Portland, but also serves Clackamas, Oregon

According to Find The Data, one out of every hundred people over the age of 15 in Oregon experience divorce each year. In 2012, the divorce rate for the state was 12.8 percent, which is one of the highest in the country. For individuals, couples counseling can be a good way to build a firm foundation before marriage as well as maintain and repair the foundation after the wedding vows. At Family Ties Counseling Center, we strive to help couples and families make those efforts in a way that works for their personalities and dynamic.

Couple’s Counseling Builds Communication

A survey conducted by the National Fatherhood Initiative asked divorced couples to identify reasons for the end of their marriage. Eight reasons rose to the top, and half of them had to do with communication. Over half of those surveyed said too much arguing led to divorce.

Marriage counseling won’t convert a couple to a single entity that is always in agreement. At Family Ties Counseling Center, we know people disagree, and those discussions can be valuable to a relationship or an individual’s growth. We also know you don’t want to give in or have someone else give in all the time for the sake of harmony. Relationship counseling teaches couples to have arguments that bring results. You’ll also learn to value, validate, and appreciate each other’s opinion, needs, and point of view. We provide expert advice and guidance to help you build a better relationship.

Communication isn’t only important when a disagreement is brewing. From the moment you meet someone, honesty and understanding is essential to long-term happiness. Other reasons for divorce or breakup include lack of preparation for the marriage or unrealistic expectations about the marriage. Family Ties Counseling Center, located near Clackamas, Oregon, provides relationship counseling that helps couples explore their bonds, express themselves, and learn about each other in new and exciting ways before committing to a lifetime together.

Learning to Ask, Learning to Listen

Blogger Glennon Melton shared part of her marriage story in a Huffington Post piece. She talked about feeling unfulfilled and confused in her relationship. She was a stay-at-home mom; when her husband came home each night and asked, “How was your day,” Melton said her reaction was to cry, to say “I’m fine,” or to yell. Her day, just like most people’s, was filled with lots of stuff–it was lots of things.

Melton shared how couples therapy helped her and her husband understand how to ask the right questions. Asking specific questions–and taking the time to really hear the answer–is important in all relationships. Child and family counseling helps families practice asking and answering those questions in a safe, neutral setting. At Family Ties Counseling Center, our goal is to provide a setting and tools so couples and families learn communication skills they are comfortable bringing into practice throughout their life.

Our Approach is Defined by You

There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for marriage counseling. Every person, every couple, and every family is unique. We don’t live life in your shoes, which means we aren’t qualified to place rules on your life or tell you what to do. Our passion for helping others build better relationships, as well as our expertise in marriage and family counseling, does qualify us to listen, provide advice, and create a safe setting for you to discover, test, and implement solutions.

The Success of Focused Therapy

Psychotherapy is a proven way to resolve discord in relationships and increase the chance of a future together. According to the Chicago Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy, couples therapy that is emotionally focused is successful in 70 percent of cases. Success is most likely with the help of a strong therapist. Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a psychology expert and author, says that a good therapist will have education, training specifically for relationship counseling, and healthy professional boundaries. The professionals at Family Ties Counseling Center believe that a passion for serving couples and families is another thing to look for in a counselor.

Maintaining Realism

A single therapy session won’t solve problems that may have been brewing for months or years. No one has a perfect relationship, despite what jewelry commercials say or what others display on their social media feeds. Many couples keep their problems private and celebrate joys in public, so never believe there is something wrong with you or your spouse simply because every moment isn’t perfect. Whether you’re looking for a few sessions to iron out a specific issue, long-term support as you grow your relationship, or in-depth counseling to resolve issues over time, we offer a safe place to share, listen, discuss, and begin your journey to a healthier relationship.

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