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Reasons You May Want to Seek Marriage & Family Counseling

Marriage and family counseling is often needed to get your family through a difficult situation, a recent traumatic event, or discuss your troubles. This type of counseling is led by a family therapist, who is a mental health professional with a master’s or doctorate degree in counseling, as well as an additional two years of supervised clinical experience. There are many who specialize in marriage counseling in the Beaverton & Portland area.  They work specifically with marriage and family counseling, helping to diagnose and treat emotional disorders, provide group or family therapy, plan treatments, offer marriage counseling, provide premarital enrichment education, and sometimes even life coaching. If you are wondering whether or not you have a need for marriage and family counseling, or child & family counseling in the Beaverton area, here are some tips that might lead you in the right direction.


Problems Communicating


If you are having any type of troubles communicating with your spouse or within your family, it is time for counseling. The family and marriage therapist can help everyone in the family get back on the right track. This includes encouraging teenagers and kids to open up, as well as providing positive community between adults. In a marriage, there is often a lack of communication, or too much negativity when discussing matters. If one person feels like their opinion no longer matters, they are insecure, or withdraw from conversations, it is a big red flag that it is time for counseling.


If Someone Else Recommends It


The natural reaction to someone recommending you go to counseling or therapy is to ignore them and assume they don’t know what they’re talking about. But you might want to consider the suggestion, especially if it is coming from someone close to you and your spouse or family. They may be seeing things you aren’t quite ready to admit, and if they have also benefited from spousal or family counseling, their heart is in the right place.


Someone Has Had an Affair


If one or both spouses have had an affair, or are even thinking about having an affair, it is a sign that you need counseling. If someone has had an affair and been open about it, that is the first step toward healing. It takes two people to make a marriage work, and this isn’t a difficult thing to get over. But if both you and your spouse are willing to get help in order to try and save your marriage, going to therapy is highly recommended. They can help you work through your troubles, help you accept what has happened, and move on from it. This is not just needed if you want to save your marriage, but to help you decide if maybe it is time to move on.


You Feel Like Roommates


You may not notice this happening right away, but there comes a point when you simply feel like you’re living together, but no longer in an intimate and loving marriage. If being together feels more like being roommates than a marriage, seek out some professional help. Some signs of this are lack of intimacy, dry conversation that doesn’t really lead anywhere, lack of proper communication, or just feeling like you are both trying to be civil and co-exist.


Major Transitions


Big transitions in life can be hard on a family and a marriage, and might require couples counseling by a professional who can help you work it out as individuals and as a group. Some common life transitions that take place within a family include marriage, divorce, death, career changes, moving from your home, pregnancy, major illness, or many other types of changes. Any change that has effected your daily life may require help from a marriage and family counselor.


Separation or Divorce


In regards to your children, you should seek counseling if you have already made the decision to separate or get divorced. Getting counseling early on when you start discussing the possibility is important. Not just to see if you can save your marriage, but to help your children transition and deal with such a big change in their lives.


Any time you feel like as a couple or family you can’t solve your own problems and just keep going over the same arguments, it is a good sign that relationship counseling will help you.


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